Jüdisches Leben in Berlin im Festjahr #2021JLID

Mirna Funk works as a Writer, Journalist and Storyteller.
Currently she has a monthly column for Vogue Germany and EditionF and operates as Director Communications for TLGG. Her new novel will be published with dtv in Spring 2021.
Born in Berlin in 1981, Funk majored Philosophy and History at Humboldt-University. She conducts articles and essays for various magazines and newspapers like Die Zeit, Emotion, Fräulein and Vogue. She often addresses the presence of Jewish culture and is writing about cultures of remembrance and how those are being reshaped in the present. 

Her debut novel Winternähe was published in July 2015 by S. Fischer Verlage and translated into Dutch. It was awarded with the "Uwe Johnson prize" for emerging writers and nominated for the "aspekte literature prize", the "Klaus Michael Kühne prize" and the "Ulla Hahn prize" for "best debut novel". In December 2018 her first children’s book was published. Where is Daddy? tells the story of 12 diverse family models.

Für Vincentino ist sie als Input-Geberin bei den Medienwerkstatt-Programm "Andere Lebenswelten kennenlernen - Fokus Junges Jüdisches Leben" dabei und leitete die erste Projketwoche gemeinsam mit MASCH/Matthias Schellenberger an der Bötzwo-Grundschule in 2020. Im Jubiläumsjahr #2021JLID kommen sechs weitere Projekte dazu. Wir freuen uns sehr über die Zusammenarbeit